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Products - Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Coated Steel Grease Interceptors

Series Grease Interceptors

Composed of 11 gage corrosion resistant steel with oven cured epoxy coating grease interceptors from Dormont are designed to prevent greasy substances from entering plumbing systems, septic fields and waste water treatment facilities. Standard, high-capacity, semi-automatic and low-profile models are available in multiple configurations.

Series: WD-4, WD-7, Wd-10, WD-15, WD-20, WD-25, WD-35, WD-50, GI-75-K, GI-100-K, GI-150-K, GI-200-K, GI-250-K, GI-300-K, GI-400-K, GI-500-K, WD-20-L, WD-35-L, WD-50-L, WD-10-A, WD-15-A, WD-20-A, WD-25-A, WD-35-A, WD-50-A, WD-75-A


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