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Product Standards

Gas Appliance Connectors:

  • ANSI Z21.24 / CSA 6.10 Connectors for Gas Appliances
  • ANSI Z21.69 / CSA 6.16 Connectors for Moveable Gas Appliances
  • ANSI Z21.75 / CSA 6.27  Connectors for Outdoor Gas Appliances and Manufactured Homes
  • IAPMO TS 9-2003 Gas Supply Connectors for Manufactured Homes
  • BSI 669 Part 2:  Flexible Hoses, end fittings and sockets for gas burning appliances (United Kingdom)
  • AS/NZS 1869  Hose and Hose Assemblies for LP Gas, Natural Gas and Town Gas (Australia/New Zealand)
  • AG 216 Limited Flexibility Connectors (Australia)
  • KVBG 91/01  Metal Snakes for Flammable Gases (Belgium)

Gas Accessory Devices:

  • ANSI Z21.41 / CSA 6.9  Quick Disconnect Devices for Use With Gas Fuel Appliances
  • ANSI Z21.15 / CSA 9.1  Manually operated gas valve for appliances, appliance connector valves and hose end valves
  • ANSI Z21.90/CSA 6.24  Gas Convenience Outlets and Optional Enclosures
  • ANSI Z21.78/CSA 6.20  Combination Gas Controls for Gas Appliances
  • ANSI Z21.18/CSA 6.3  Gas Appliance Pressure Regulators
  • ANSI Z21.80/CSA  6.22  Line Pressure Regulators
  • IAS 3-92  Excess Flow Valves (Bench Standard)
  • AG 212 Quick Disconnect Devices (Australia)
  • NSF/ANSI 169  Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices
  • UL 567 Emergency Breakaway Fittings, Swivel Connectors and Pipe-Connection Fittings for Petroleum Products and LP Gas
  • ASME B16.33  Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Gas Piping Systems up to 125 PSI
  • ASME B16.44  Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Aboveground Piping Systems up to 5 PSI