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SmartSense® Extra Protection in Gas Line Connection


Excess Flow Valve & Thermal Shutoff

Dormont SmartSense safeguards your home against unforeseeable gas line hazards. With its innovative dual-sensing capabilities, SmartSense detects and protects against potentially life-threatening situations the moment they arise.

In the event of a gas line rupture, disconnection, or even a fire, SmartSense detects the potential threat and automatically activates itself to ensure your safety. This device includes two primary components:

A flow-limiting plunger that automates a gas reduction to an appliance in the event of a hazardous leak

Thermal shutoff sensing ring that automatically terminates gas flow when exposed to extremely high temperature ranges of 350 to 425 F

SmartSense combined with our corrosive resistant polymer coated SafetyShield gas connector provides an unmatched three levels of protection.

Patent Pending

  1. Full flow during standard operation, providing the supply needs for the gas appliance
  2. Gas flow is restricted by the plunger due to full line rupture or disconnect, providing protection against excessive gas leaks
  3. The thermal ring expands to stop gas flow when exposed to extreme temperatures. (350ºF to 425ªF)

Timely detection and reaction to gas hazards remain critical for protecting both your home and family. Therefore, SmartSense could be a life-saving investment.

Made in the USA exclusively by Dormont, SmartSense can be used with other Dormont products for providing complete solutions.

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